‘‘Life Beyond School’ – A session by Mr.Taher Mithaiwala for Std.10 students on 3/10/2022

As we all know school life is a time which is very easy and comfortable. You stay in the same school for over 12-14 years and the main focus is just to make it to the next class. However after school ends you are sent out into the world to make choices for yourself. A session was organised for the students of Std.10 on 3rd October 2022 and the guest speaker was

Mr.Taher Mithaiwala an ex-student of our school who shared his thoughts on the topic ‘Life Beyond School’. He said that you will learn life after school and there will be people who will ask you to bury your head into books or just constantly work on mastering certain skills. But you must not forget to strike a perfect balance in life.

He also spoke about 3 things that we should all be aware of i.e. P.E.P – Politics, Economics, our Purpose. According to him Politics is a necessary evil. Economics helps us calculate our income, investments, profit, loss etc. and a Purpose is something you wish to achieve in life and work towards its. At the end of the session he answered various questions and shared insights about his school life. He ended the session by thanking the school for giving him the opportunity to interact with the students of Std.10. We are grateful to Mr.Brian Rebello for organising this programme.

Aliabbas Sohail Gheewala