GREEN SCHOOLS MELA 2020 at Don Bosco Provincial House on 29/2/2020

Five of our Nature /Science club members accompanied by a parent Mr.Shailesh Vaidya attended the ‘Green School Mela 2020’ on 29th February 2020 at the Don Bosco Provincial House - Matunga .

There were 5 workshops organised wherein our students attended one of the workshops each. Dhruv Punde from Std.8 attended the ‘Know Your Tree’ workshop wherein 10 different trees were studied by them pertaining to their characteristics and uses. Mangroves need to be preserved at all costs - Aayush Jogadia from Std.7 attended a talk on ‘The Mighty Mangroves’ wherein he learnt how these Mangroves break the force of the huge Tsunami waves coming towards the coast thus safeguarding the coastal areas. Rudresh Jogadia from Std.5 attended the ‘Pranayam Workshop’ and learnt various Asanas which help maintain good health. Ayaan Lakdawala from Std.6 attended the ‘Paper making workshop’ which was fun and exciting and Vihaan Vaidya from Std.9 attended a ‘Biodiversity Talk’. All these workshops were very informative and interesting. An awards ceremony was held soon after and Ayaan Lakdawala was awarded the ‘Green Champ Award’ from our school. Through this ‘Green Schools Mela’ we learnt that even if there are other planets which support life, we need to protect and preserve our own Earth first. This was a great learning experience for all of us.

Dhruv Punde