A meeting of school personnel namely Managers and Principals of schools of the Bombay Province was held on 14th March 2023 at St.Mary’s ICSE School-Mazagaon from 3.00 p.m. onwards.

 The agenda for the meeting  was mainly to discuss and disseminate information regarding the Jesuit Alumni Associations at the World Level and Province level. Fr.Luke s.j. and Mr.John (Alumni – Holy Family High School- Andheri ) addressed the gathering with their presentations regarding the role of Alumni in our schools.

 The next point in the agenda was a session by Mr.Babalanka Prasad, Mr.Gerry Mascarenhas and Fr.Luke s.j. regarding the follow up of the ‘Eco Audit – the way forward’. A questionnaire was presented by them to the participants at the meeting. However the participants requested that this ‘Eco Audit’ questionnaire should be sent to their respective school Eco-Groups online to which they agreed.

 At the end of the sessions Fr.Francis Swamy s.j. – Coordinator of the J.S.E.B and the host of the day shared some inputs regarding the NEP 2020 as follows:

Ms.Preema Noronha