120 Science Club Event: Playing with Physics -27/2/24

The science club organized an event titled “Playing with Physics” for members of the science club on 27th February, 2024, from 1:15pm to 2:30pm in the media room. The aim of the event was to understand scientific concepts like conversion of energy, mass, density, volume, levers, fulcrum, and gravity while having fun. Students were asked to bring ice-cream sticks, rubber bands and masking tape.

Students were shown models of three types of catapults using the sticks and rubber bands and then taught how to build the fundamental parts of the models in order to assemble them. However, students were encouraged to develop their own model design and tweak the design to fit their needs. Students were then divided into groups of three or four to work on their models within 30 minutes. They were each given a lemon and woollen spherical pompom to use as projectiles. They were tasked with building as many models that could achieve three tasks, viz., aim the projectiles vertically upwards into the given container on a stool, horizontally towards a vertical square target and finally to knock down a tower of paper cups from a distance.

Students greatly enjoyed experimenting with different designs, tackling the challenge of throwing a denser lemon as opposed to lighter woollen ball and understanding the angle of trajectory. They were thrilled when their projectiles reached their destined targets and had a lot of fun finding the correct angles and accurately aiming at targets. A total of 21 students across grades 6 to 9 participated in the event and engaged in friendly competition in building the best catapult, as a group or individually. The students with best catapults were awarded a small prize on the basis of team work, application of scientific knowledge, experimentation and successful achievement of all 3 tasks within the given timeframe.

The event was organised and conducted by Ms. Marilyn Rebello.

Ms. Marilyn Rebello

Teacher In-charge